Client Testimonial

I come from 20+ years of hunter/jumper so I have a strange affinity for only feeling comfortable inside a ring. Lauren has helped me to discover a totally new world outside the white picket fences!
- Rachel Content

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Cross-Country Schooling

Escape the ring!

Graduate Riding School student schooling XC

Are you ready to get out of the arena? It's time to experience the thrill of XC! Splash through the water, jump up and down banks, fly over ditches, and learn to gallop. Both you AND your horse will have a blast!

Graduate Riding School student schooling water XC

Experience other courses

Graduate Riding School students will also be given the opportunity to travel to some of the other event facilities in Ontario and school their cross-country courses. This is great show prep as it enables you to see how your horse will behave away from home, without the stress of competition.

Lauren Cude schooling a green horse XC