Theory Thursday

Creating well rounded horsepeople one week at a time!

Graduate Riding School -- Horse Sense!

This section is dedicated to helping riders become horsepeople.

Using the curriculum from Pony Club and EC Rider Levels, as well as random other items, horse knowledge will be presented in an informal, potentially entertaining, always informative format.

Where appropriate, topics will be divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Pick your topic of choice from the options on the right; a new topic every Thursday!

As this has grown, it now has it's own site. Click here to visit!

Graduate Riding School Horsemanship Classes

If you`re in the Georgetown area, come learn theory in person!

Lessons take place in the classroom, the barn, and the arena. Ask questions, learn the theory that will be tested on the Equine Canada rider level exams, get hands on experience with practical skills such as lunging and bandaging.

View the Horsemanship Series syllabus for more information.