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Paula MacDonald says:

In the ten years that I have been riding, Lauren Cude is without question the best coach that I have ever had. I feel extremely privileged to have found such a talented horsewoman to help me reach my equestrian goals. Both in and out of the ring, on and off the cross-country field, she is full of advice to help cement my equine understanding.



Amy Parker says:

Lauren's vast knowledge and her precise and effective style of teaching very quickly took my riding, which had been at a plateau I had not even known I was on (for years), and pushed it to an entirely new level.



Emily Simkins-Strong says:

I began riding with Lauren in September 2010 after moving to Halton Region. Although I had ridden for a couple of years during my undergrad degree, I had been away from it for almost a decade and had only been back in the saddle for about a year. Lauren quickly became not only a trusted coach, but also a great friend. She understood both my desire to improve my riding skills and gain confidence, but also to have a fun escape from a very stressful job.


Chelsea Maiato says:

I have been riding for three and a half years and have had several coaches, but none like Lauren. She helps me achieve my full potential each and every lesson.  Lauren is not just a coach in my eyes.  Lauren is a horsewoman that I admire and look up to.  Lauren takes her job very seriously however her lessons are always entertaining and fun.  Every lesson is always different. 



Kirby Evans says:

For me, it is very important that the farm where I choose to ride becomes a second home, and the people I ride with become much like a family. After the closing of the barn where I spent most of my youth riding I struggled to find that sense of comfort and belonging at a new facility and I didn’t think I would ever find something that compared, but that is exactly what I have found at Graduate Riding School.


Stephanie Haas says:

In the 10 years I've been riding, I've had a lot of different coaches, good bad and in between. Lauren I would rank as my best and favourite. I have improved the most under Lauren and had the best time doing it. Before she started coaching me I'd almost lost my love for horseback riding. I was getting bored because the lessons seemed monotonous and uninteresting. I wasn't learning anything. Then one day Lauren walked into the ring with me and she reignited that spark that had faded.


Brena Witthoeft says:

Lauren’s lessons are never boring. She loves to challenge her students, but she is 100% trustworthy. Some lessons you may never get out of the trot, and some lessons you may accomplish all sorts of new feats, and you can bet there is a good reason for both of those things. Lauren knows what her students and horses are capable of, and she will never push one or the other too far, but just far enough. She will give you the confidence if you don’t quite have it yourself.


Amy Doris says:

I would consider Graduate Riding School the best barn I have ever been a part of. Not only does the coach Lauren Cude have superb teaching skills but she creates and environment where you feel comfortable to learn, experiment and try new things. I have moved around barns several times over the past few years and have had several instructors. Lauren, by far the best I have had.


Jennifer Barth says:

I really have enjoyed having Lauren as a coach in the past year, and I am really sad to see her go; as she has taught me a lot about myself as a rider, and about my horse. She taught me how to remain calm even when I was extremely frustrated with my mount. I honestly don't think you could ask for anyone better to coach at your barn. I've watched her teach kids from the age of six and up.


Margaret Duda says:

I’ve been riding for 7 years now and I’ve had many coaches. Lauren is by far my favourite. She makes each lesson different and exciting. Lauren ensures that you don’t do anything that you’re not capable of doing and puts your safety first. With that being said, she matches you up with a suitable horse for your level of riding.


Micaela Cali says:

I adore Graduate School because whether you're jumping or doing flatwork, you never have the same lesson twice! Each lesson is a new experience! Lauren definitely teaches you great skills that you can take and remember with every ride, while making sure you find a horse that suits your level and allows you to grow as a rider!


Stephanie King says:

Lauren Cude has been my coach for 8 years, that is just how amazing she is at her job. In order to keep riding with her, I have transferred barns; I just don’t trust anyone else to have the same quality of lessons. She has helped me excel through all different mediums of riding. As well, she has been to every competition I have competed at, no questions asked.


Sara Naudts says:

Lauren is a professional individual and follows the KISs - principle (Keep It Simple). She challenges the rider, the horse, or both by creating appropriate exercises. She is the person who can help you achieve your riding goals.


Claire May says:

I remember you coaching a few of us girls in the outdoor arena at FPC. Morgan, Emily, Amanda and I. You were putting us over a jump no one else had the confidence in us to put up, not super technical or even big, but we'd never done it before; it was a corner made out of 3 standards, 2 poles, and a spread. I enjoyed your coaching and your confidence in us as riders :) Thanks!


Rachel Content says:

When I approached Lauren to help me achieve my rider level goals after being off doing not a heck of a lot for four years I thought she might shy away from the daunting task. Instead I found her to be very helpful and enthusiastic with regards to my goals. I come from 20+ years of hunter/jumper so I have a strange affinity for only feeling comfortable inside a ring. Lauren has helped me to discover a totally new world outside the white picket fences!


Aileen McDowell says:

After returning to riding after 17 years I was both excited and scared. I was a lot older and not quite sure if everything I remembered about riding would just be great memories and not reality. From the first lesson with Lauren, three great characteristics were evident, she was confident, knowledgeable and honest. These three traits gave me the confidence to trust her and the decisions that she needs to be able to make as a coach.


Jennifer Lundgren says:

I met Lauren after returning to riding after a ten year hiatus. As a certifiable DQ (dressage queen) who formally trained with an olympic level coach, I was looking for an instructor who could teach me how to event (jump!) with the same level of instruction I had 10 years ago. Lauren was that coach.



Mieke Geldart says:

I’ve learned more from Lauren’s coaching in the past year than in the previous four years combined.

She has a great way of explaining what you are or are not doing correctly, and how to improve.



Jael Lodge says:

When I arrived at the farm after an 18 year hiatus from riding, Lauren was there to show me the ropes, to kindly remind and re-teach me the proper way to tack up a horse, and to get me started right. I was greatly impressed with her teaching style and ability to be both cheerleader and teacher! Now that I've moved to the other end of the country and have acquired my own youngster, she's continued to prove a valuable sounding board whose advice is always welcome.


Jody Howard says:

When I first started riding lessons with Lauren, I was a mess. I hadn’t been on a horse for over 17 years since I had a bad fall. I remember that I wouldn’t even walk with out Lauren beside me, sometimes holding the horse for me. I thought that Lauren would get frustrated with me and give up, but she never did. She told me that as long as I tried she would always be there, and she was.


See what parents are saying

Djurina Djukic says:

My daughter started riding at Graduate in September 2011. Chelsea has been riding for just under 4 years and has had Lauren as her coach for the past 7 months. The change in Chelsea's riding ability is far and beyond what I expected to see in such a short period of time.


Laura Barron says:

My daughter has been riding for seven years; she has learned more from Lauren in one year than previous coaches in the six years before. Lauren has a gift for assessing both rider and mount in a multitude of situations and teaches to the moment.  This application of teaching skills allows her to coach her students without comparison. 


John Wong says:

We have observed Lauren coaching our girls for close to year. When dealing with teenagers there is a definite knack, patience and understanding that one must have when trying to teach them something. Lauren definitely showed us that she has all three of these.


Lucy Paunkoff says:

My daughter has been a student of Lauren's for amost three years now and her confidence and riding skills have grown immensely. The students have Lauren's undivided attention in each lesson as she addresses every important detail of their ride. Not a minute is wasted.


Diane Mendosa says:

My daughter was 6 years old when she started taking riding lessons and loved every minute of each lesson for the 3 years that she was a student of Lauren’s.

Although safety and horsemanship both in the barn and in the ring were always a priority, Lauren always made the lessons fun and interesting for her students.


Fran Barth says:

In the ten years my daughter has been riding, Lauren is the only coach who understood her and her horse in unison. My daughter went further with Lauren then any other coach has gotten her. Her gentle coaching skills mixed with knowledge makes the lesson pleasurable and the knowledge passed through horse and rider are more than one could imagine or ask for.


Sharon King says:

My daughter and I have both taken riding lessons from Lauren for a number of years. Lauren is a highly skilled instructor -- both from a technical and a people perspective. Stephanie had been riding for years before moving to Lauren.  She learned more in the first year than in the 7 years previous to that.   She was having so much fun that it encouraged me to start riding.