Client Testimonial

Lauren has taught my daughter abouth horses and horsemanship as well as developing her riding ability and confidence. She has learned more from Lauren in one year than previous coaches in the six years before. Lauren has a gift for assessing both rider and mount in a multitude of situations and teaches to the moment.
- Laura Barron

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Learning why is almost as important as learning how

Welcome to the Graduate Riding School! We have students of all levels who desire to improve their riding in a fun and positive environment. Experienced coaches have taught all ages and levels from "what's a horse?" through Training level eventing.

A novice Graduate Riding School student in a lesson with Lauren Cude

We also offer instruction in basic horsemanship. A student who understands their horse and why and how the aids work is more likely to be able to replicate them on their own. This multi-faceted teaching style helps students to learn much faster than in traditional schools. For those who would like more in-depth horsemanship there are winter theory lessons.

Above and beyond a traditional school

Graduate Riding School is the place to come when you've become bored or frustrated by your lessons at another school and are ready to move on. We specialize in helping students first master the basics and then refine those skills and take on the more advanced techniques.

A novice Graduate Riding School student starting XC in a lesson with Lauren Cude

We will work with you to help you meet your goals - whether they be to hack quietly and safely, or to compete seriously on the horse-trials circuit, we will help you get there. With small class sizes (group maximum of four riders) individual attention is assured and our well trained horses help create an environment conductive to learning.

For new riders, basics will be taught one-on-one until you can walk, trot and steer independently. See "What to look for in a riding school," and "what to expect on your first lesson".

Not sure? Come visit! Give us a call or email to set up a time for a tour or to come watch some lessons and decide if it's for you.