You may be a horse person if...

Every time you drive past a construction site you think what nice jumps the barricades would make.

You consider a golf course a waste of good pasture land.

You realize finding a horse shoe is truly lucky because it means you've saved ten bucks. No one wants to ride in your car because they will get hay in their socks and on their clothes.

Your laundry includes breeches, horse blankets, saddle pads, polos, etc.

You say "whoa", "hup", and 'cluck' to dogs.

You clean tack, stalls, horses, and equipment waaay more willingly then your room.

You can remember lessons, show days, and when it comes to class schedules, no.

You are unreasonably pleased to get a horse item, ANY horse item, as a gift. Books and movies are ruined for you if horsemanship references aren't correct.

You fall off your horse and your main concern is if your horse is okay. Most of your social life is with our barn friends.

You have more horsey pictures on Facebook then pictures of you and your friends.

You get out of bed early for horse shows but hit the snooze button when it comes to school. You get to the point where flies don't bother you.

You aren't usually interested in the weather but check it all the time when you have a lesson.

Your first sign of spring is not by seeing a robin or blue jay but by seeing a fly.

You often jump/lunge dogs or other animals.

You and your friends frequently jump like horses on foot.

You spend more time at the barn than you do at the mall, movies, etc.

You would rather talk about horses then boys.

You don't mind getting dirty.

You read magazines and books about horses.

You sometimes doodle horses at school.

You sometimes canter instead of running.

You think a good vacation is spending your a long weekend at the barn.

You keep carrots, apples, sugar cubes etc. in your house

You sometimes count horses instead of sheep to fall asleep.

You spend more time in the tack store than grocery store.