Proceedure for cleaning boots

1. Place boot outside-down on the floor and brush out inside.
2. Casually remove flying dirt particles from face and hair.
3. Place clean side on leg, in attempt to keep it clean, and brush outside of boot
4. Brush dirt from leg, face and hair.
5. Lightly re-brush inside because of failure to keep it clean.
6. Smile as you finish with a nice clean boot.
7. Frown as you look around and remember your horse has 4 legs - all of which require at least one boot(sometimes more)
8. Repeat process with all remaining boots with a grudge at your horse requiring such ridiculous apparel, and furthermore making it even more difficult to clean by running through the water YOU told her to go through.
9. Melt at how cute she looks with hay stuck in her halter as she eyes an apple.
10. Admire your finished work with a triumphant smile.
11. Yell at the mouse for running across the ceiling and scattering dirt and dust over your clean boots.
12. Decide you've had enough, throw the boots in your box and start to headout.
13. Glare at the cat lying lazily on the windowsill showing you're clearly unimpressed by his "barn cat" ability -- or lack there of proven by the mouse that just scurried overhead dumping dirt and other microscopic unmentionables onto YOUR head.
14. Leave before something else goes wrong and you have to endure a step #15.