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Avoid reality for a while with horse related procrastination

From the fun to the sappy we have entertainment for you! If you feel like being educated, check out Theory Thursday; if you prefer pictures to words, the photo gallery's for you! Most importantly, have fun!

The Rules

The 10 Commandments of Eventing

These rules were developed in consultation with three GRS students over several years of lessons. They were eventually committed to paper and have since become a standard part of GRS lexicon, and as such, Lauren felt they should be available to all GRS students.

1. Keep horse between rider and ground.

2. Be happy.

3. Just keep kicking!

4. Take credit for flukes.
4a. Corollary – never discount the power of luck.

5. Jump First = Jump Alone.

6. It doesn’t have to look pretty.

7. Remember, you can ride as fast as your horse can run.
7a. Corollary – never ride faster than you can steer.

8. Stadium is simply dressage with speedbumps; therefore, learn your dressage.

9. YouTube videos should NOT be tried at home.

10. Think positively – Scary jumps are just there to eliminate the competition.