Client Testimonial

When dealing with teenagers there is a definite knack, patience and understanding that one must have when trying to teach them something. Lauren definitely showed us that she has all three of these. She was able to communicate concepts and learning strategies that the girls where then able to put into practice.
- John Wong

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Beginner Riders

Learning the basics correctly in a safe and positive environment

So you want to learn to ride? Maybe you've been dreaming of it for years... Maybe your daughter has been begging for lessons for years and you've finally agreed to her dream... Maybe you're just looking for a new experience... Regardless, you've come to the right place!

Lauren Cude teaching a beginner lesson


At Graduate Riding School we focus on teaching correct basics and horsemanship. As well as how to ride, you'll learn stable skills such as leading, grooming and tacking up safely. We also have a special program for adult riders.

Getting the "right" start to riding will make a significant difference in your abilities as you progress, and our coaches can help with that.

The benefits of riding

The benefits of learning to ride go well beyond the amazing feeling of riding a horse (which is worth it all on its own!). It will help you get fit -- riding develops more fitness then the average non-horse-person would ever imagine; there's a *reason* it's in the Olympics!

Horses are also the ultimate teammates and teachers. They teach patience, responsibility, empathy, fun, teamwork, and confidence among other things. Children who grow up with horses gain a maturity which prepares them to function in society in ways far beyond the average suburbanite child. Tracy Meisenbach's well writen article Because My Daughter Grew Up With Horses furture elaborates on this concept.